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About Us


Your website, your brand, your logo, your colours. Your communications, business cards, your wrapping, your trucks, busses and other vehicles. Your advertising.

They all send out a strong message about you.

Rooted isn’t just websites, or graphics. We’re not just keywords and acronyms. We understand. We seek to establish what causes you to tick, and what your customers see in you, and wish from you. We visualise you, your vision and message, which we monitor, analyse and improve, constantly, consistently.

We collaborate. We don’t work for you, but we know that you hold the key to the brilliance of your business and we know how to facilitate that. We’ll be upfront – and we’ll be clear with you if something isn’t right. We’ll always listen, always help. We won’t plan to do anything we’re not specialized at. once you’re employed with Revive, you expect excellence, clarity, and results. We deliver.


WE ask plenty of questions, produce plans, explain why, for which we don’t use jargon.

Once we’ve the complete picture, we will confirm you’re pleased with what we are going to do, the cost, and thus, the timescale.

We communicate regularly. We select the team most suited to your project, which we schedule the work or campaign.

We time-track and log everything. We present, and review, monitor, and measure. And once you’re happy — we, too are happy.


Find out how Rooted do websites differently, how we tailor your website to your business and the way we integrate go-faster-marketing 

If you’ve got a (software) problem, if nobody else can help, and if you’ll find them, maybe you’ll hire Rooted’s tech team.

An online shop will quite literally look after itself. Whether you’ve got 3 physical shops or starting your own empire from your garage, 

There’s an app for that! We will help draw it out of your head, into an idea, then onto your phone. It’s not magic; it just seems like it.