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Find out how Rooted do websites differently, how we tailor your website to your business and the way we integrate go-faster-marketing 

If you’ve got a (software) problem, if nobody else can help, and if you’ll find them, maybe you’ll hire Rooted’s tech team.

An online shop will quite literally look after itself. Whether you’ve got 3 physical shops or starting your own empire from your garage, 

There’s an app for that! We will help draw it out of your head, into an idea, then onto your phone. It’s not magic; it just seems like it.

creating custom

Sometimes, a Wix or off-the-shelf site just won’t cut it. You would like a team of smart tech heads to bring your ideas to life. Your website may have a specialised suite of functions to power it and make it stand out amongst your competitors.

Unlike some agencies, we don’t outsource our development to India or Russia. All of our coding is completed in-house by an excellent team of developers. It allows us to take care of highest quality standards, and for our teams to figure closely with one another and therefore the other departments.

No matter the scope of the project, we’re happy to help. Whether it’s an e-POS integration, CRM, dashboard, app, or management system, we’ll build it. Not only that, we offer generous support and may integrate new ideas as your company grows.


why we

We’re all about our clients at Rooted. And should you engage us with a vision which will improve your customers’ experience or streamline your company’s efficiency, we’d like to assist.

Our developers enjoy getting immersed in a replacement and exciting project and building something that will benefit you – creatively solving problems, and producing exciting new technology.

We deliver a customized, bespoke system for your business. And if you’re happy, we’re so glad.