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Find out how Rooted do websites differently, how we tailor your website to your business and the way we integrate go-faster-marketing 

If you’ve got a (software) problem, if nobody else can help, and if you’ll find them, maybe you’ll hire Rooted’s tech team.

An online shop will quite literally look after itself. Whether you’ve got 3 physical shops or starting your own empire from your garage, 

There’s an app for that! We will help draw it out of your head, into an idea, then onto your phone. It’s not magic; it just seems like it.


Long gone are the times of just needing a storefront. Now, your website is your shopfront. This suggests you’ll need an enticing and useful eCommerce site to point out all of your products and maximize your sales. Enter Rooted.

Rooted build great eCommerce websites; we’ve done numerous, seeing what works, and even as importantly, seen what doesn’t work. Our eCommerce website design is made with our clients’ individual needs in mind. We will advise you on the web store, payment provider, the handcart solution, use an existing system, or build something bespoke.

Whether you’re selling hand-crafted toys, yoga classes, or swimming pools – we analyze the market and build you a tool that you can use to sell and obtain customers to hit that buy button.



We’re client-centric at Rooted, and everything we do is completed together with your success in mind. It’s one reason we love building e-commerce sites because the success is measurable in rand and cents – there’s no guessing.

We measure everything – sales per day, average price, best-selling products, basket abandonment rate and repeat customer rate – and continually optimize to form sure you’re competing.