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Need to rank higher or land on Google’s first page? Wonder why your smaller competitors show up first in Google? It’s all about program Optimization.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a Google AdWords service that allows you to show up at the very top of Google for your products and services.

If you hold a marketing database, we will help you send personalized, crafted email campaigns that generate a response.

Whether you would like to grow your audience, find customers, or build your brand, we will help you manage your social media. Social media 


Paid search is the pinnacle of quickly ranking highly on Google. Those Ads that appear above organic search results are what 64.6% of users click on when looking for a product or service. If you’re not investing in Google Advertising, you’re missing out.

We’re a licensed Google Partner agency, and we’ve been optimizing and refining campaigns for years. At Revive, we specialize in making your CPC (cost per click) low and bringing you more conversions through ads.

PPC (pay-per-click) yields results and fast. So, if you require some extra business or got to boost your product sales, we’ve got you covered.



Our endeavor is Google Advertising are all to assist your business to grow. Because once we help our clients, we confirm that your return on investment is apparent. We report back to you, thoroughly, and talk you thru the ins and outs of your campaign.

We research and work tirelessly to ensure we will make the most of your budget, generating new contacts and additional revenue.

At Rooted, we genuinely believe that our job is to shape your business success. We value the service we bring our clients, as it’s streamlined to helping you out – small or large business; we’re here to help.