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Find out how Rooted do websites differently, how we tailor your website to your business and the way we integrate go-faster-marketing 

If you’ve got a (software) problem, if nobody else can help, and if you’ll find them, maybe you’ll hire Rooted’s tech team.

An online shop will quite literally look after itself. Whether you’ve got 3 physical shops or starting your own empire from your garage, 

There’s an app for that! We will help draw it out of your head, into an idea, then onto your phone. It’s not magic; it just seems like it.


Have you ever thought of a thought so incredible, so unique, that you’ve thought ‘I should turn it into an app?’ Well, at Rooted, we’re all about bringing ideas to life. We love building cellphone apps which will make your life, and therefore the lives of your customers, easier.

Maybe you’ve got an app idea you’d wish to keep to yourself and only your company to provide you with that extra edge – not releasing it into the general public app stores. We will create bespoke apps only for you and upload them onto your staff’s cellphones.

No matter the app idea you may have, we’ll advise on how best to realize it – and if it is often built, we’ll catch on done, We also start with a project discussion, so, and there’s no obligation to require things forward if you modify your mind.


why we

We love to assist our clients to succeed, and a bespoke mobile app is often that tiny edge or fantastic new concept that moves things forward.

Whether it’s to form your company run more smoothly or maybe an excellent concept may be a gold mine, we’re able to build it for you.

Our goal is to implement a product that we’re pleased with and delights you more significantly. You’ll be shouting from the rooftops about what proportion you’re keen on your app!