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Find out how Rooted do websites differently, how we tailor your website to your business and the way we integrate go-faster-marketing 

If you’ve got a (software) problem, if nobody else can help, and if you’ll find them, maybe you’ll hire Rooted’s tech team.

An online shop will quite literally look after itself. Whether you’ve got 3 physical shops or starting your own empire from your garage, 

There’s an app for that! We will help draw it out of your head, into an idea, then onto your phone. It’s not magic; it just seems like it.

A Rooted

It is of utmost importance nowadays to have a robust online presence and realize that you’ll need a unique website designed and built by a team of experts. Your website is that the very first thing consumers are getting to see online, so it must look good. At Revive, we work to create beautiful, bespoke websites for our clients that produce results.

We provide customers everywhere in the country with a beautiful web design. We operate from Cape Town and appeal to businesses everywhere up to Johannesburg. Apart from design and build; we learn the maximum amount as possible about your company to create an internet site that makes sense for your audience and drives your business results.

Our web team are a part of the entire digital agency – working closely with the planning and marketing teams to ensure your website doesn’t just look great – but it works excellent, ranks on Google, and create results. We’re pleased to present you with the finished product, because it’s something that we’ve passionately created, with you in mind.



At Rooted, we aim to help our clients succeed, and an internet site can make or break a business. Big or small, our objective is to assist you in reaching your customers online with the right message, and obtain results.

Also, we get the prospect to flex our creative muscles – nothing is best than creating an internet site that not only works well, but looks great too.

We care about our clients, which means we work closely with them to urge their website right. Just ‘ok’ isn’t enough.